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Healing Headwraps, Hats & Headbands made by indigenous crafters. 


How to become a Humanitarian Heart Healing Headwrap-preneur.



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Are you looking for 'money makers' to resell in your salon, shop, or pop-up vendor booth?

Let Inspirit Arts help you double your money with these popular handmade hair accessories.
Our wholesale packages were curated to make you a hit with any crowd, age, location or niche market.
The colors and styles have been tried and tested for over 20 years at festivals, games, walk-a-thons, concerts, markets, house parties, conferences, expos and all types of retail outlets.
Be the first to offer head wrapping tutorials in your area.
It's a 'no brainer' for hair, health, fashion and beauty professionals who need to stand out with something unique, meaningful and trendy. 


Wholesale Packs at The Village eStore

Trendy colors make us popular vendors where ever the customers have heads. lol.

Earthy Boho Chic

Rainbow Pride

Rasta Reggae

You can offer Healing Headwraps, Hats & Headbands to all kinds of people at all kinds of events.

Happy Hippy

Dread Locks & Sister Locks

Biker Black

Don't lock yourself behind a niche fence. Be as diverse as the crowd.

Young and old

with lots of hair

or no hair at all

We'll make sure you have something for everyone.

especially cute


adorable babies


Included with membership


Sylvia NebSa Harmon, aka 'Miss NebSa' 

A micro-enterprise and cottage craft industry specialist, international craft buyer, desierner, marketwoman and fundraiser since 1984 when she opened Inspirit Arts in Africa.

Now she is a thought leader that focuses on sharing her expertise as a vendor sales trainer so others may enjoy the freedom, flexibility, purpose and passion of the Village To Vendor Pipeline lifestyle. 




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"Those who teach well, never have to sell."

Headwraps sell themselves once you learn how to give really good, well scripted,  one-on-one tutorials. If you offer a variety of colors to match whatever any shopper is wearing, 9 out of 10 will happily pay you just to wear it home. 

Headwrap vending skills ~ Always pay the bills

Inspirit Arts hand woven head wraps & headbands are the best in the world.

They're light, breathable, and don't slip or slide even when tied loosely. No kidding.

Learn to give one-on-one head wrapping tutorials to increase profits while creating excitement, value and memorable shopping experiences.

Full Cover Headwrap

Inspirit Arts headbands and wraps have a multi-cultural appeal, because traditional hair scarves are part of every culture worldwide. Spiritual head wrapping is also a main stay.

Handwoven Headband

Inspirit Arts headbands come in three sizes for men, women and children. They are a favorite for people with long hair to keep out of their faces, and off their necks.

Handwoven Half Wrap

Inspirit Arts head wraps are the modern and trendy version of what great, great, grandma used to wear. These casual styles are great for work and play.


Calling All Humanitarians, Hustlers,

Healthcare Workers & Hair Stylists 

"They'll keep coming back for more colors."

"Double your money with half the effort."

Help Us Sell & Give Away Free

Handwoven Headwraps in Your Community


to comfort people suffering from chronic hair loss and illness.

We provide the free headwraps. 

You provide the loving care when giving them away. 


""Miss NebSa.....No one sells the volume of product and has as many satisfied customers as you do. Your head wrap vendor method really works. ....I know from working with you that your storehouse of knowledge makes all the difference. I learn so much from you. ""

Micheal Kamau
Customer Service Consultant & Vendor Academy Apprentice


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Not all headwraps were created equal.

Handwoven headwraps by Inspirit Arts are special because they are made specifically to solve all the usual headwrapping problems. They're woven by hand, one cotton thread at a time, using an open net weaving technique. Being super lightweight,  the gaps between the threads allows air and moisture to ventilate through so much that the cotton won't dry out your hair. The gauze-like texture of hand woven fabric clings to your hair, so the wrap stays comfortably in place all day and night long, without pins or clips, and without squeezing tight knots on your head. 

The problem with most other headwraps... 

is that they can be very uncomfortable.  If you've ever worn a headwrap, you already know the problems.  Besides being hot and heavy, most fabrics are not breathable and cause sweating and itching. Needless to say, there's nothing worse then getting an itch you can't scratch. On top of that, it's hard to keep headwraps from slipping and sliding, so they are typically tied too tightly, causing damage to one's hairline, and with hard knots pressing down in all the wrong places.

Headwrapping is a people magnet.

Headwrap-preneurs never feel pushy, sleezy or salesy.

We always feel appreciated and welcome everywhere we go.   


That's why hair, fashion and beauty entrepreneurs use Inspirit Arts products to get more attention in the marketplace. It might be challenging to get shoppers to switch from one hair or beauty product to another, but it's easy to get new customers for hand woven hair scarves that most shoppers have never seen before.  People who wear head wraps get asked all the time how they do it from people who want to learn.  What if you got paid every time somebody was curious about your wrap? The secret is giving one-on-one tutorials and offering hand woven hair scarves that aren't readily available in stores.

Build your own brand with Inspirit Arts. 


Let's face it. The phrase "build it and they will come" isn't always true when you're selling hair, fashion, fitness or beauty products. Entrepreneurs don't like to accept it, but failing...failing again... and failing often is a big part of growing a company. Knowing that the learning curve can be long and hard, why not rely on our easy to sell products as your "cash cow". Inspirit Arts products and selling techniques have been tried and tested for over 20 years.

Start a Humanitarian Headwrap-preneur Business or Fundraiser





from those in need 


1st order products at THE VILLAGE eSTORE. 

Your wholesale purchase helps reduce extreme poverty and global hunger amongst village artisans.

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to meet your needs


2nd get coaching at THE VENDOR ACADEMY

Learn to give headwrapping tutorials  when selling in your salon, store, vendor booth or fundraiser.

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a cause we need



You won't have to go far to comfort people suffering from hair loss, illness or chronic loneliness.

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Schedule a Phone Appointment

Let's talk about anything you want, whenever you want.

"Have a great headwrapping day, the Inspirit Arts vendor way!"

DeAnna ~ Apprentice

Body sore, feet hurt...but it was all worth it. I was offered one of the greatest opportunities. I completed a weekend apprenticeship with my mentor Ms. NebSa, owner of Heart Healing Headwrap-preneurs. 

Started Friday in Cincinnati with full hands on crash course and training in the art of head wrapping and vending.

Saturday, was blessed to be able to help work 1 of the 4 head wrapping booths the Yellow Spring Street Fair in Yellow Springs, OH which was a success.

I am on my way to becoming a business owner in an area that I love and have a passion for, thanks to the advice, guidance, training and expertise of Ms. NebSa.


Anthony ~ Apprentice

If your questioning the credibility of this headwrap Guru... STOP!

Let me tell you. Working along side of her was very inspirational an educational. I never knew how hard it was to vendor.

As her apprentice, she has taught me that’s there’s so much required to be successful. In ways I never knew were connected.

The wisdom she has is GOLD!! Not just for business, but the principles are still being used in my personal life.

Thank you so much Miss NebSa, you’ve changed me for the better.

It warms my heart to know I won’t be the only one greatly affected by you.

Jennifer ~ Vendor

"I just want to leave a note.... I recently met Miss NebSa at an expo. I watched many people stop by her booth, and their mood and energy would completely change for the positive as they interacted with Miss NebSa!

It was amazing! It made me so happy to watch as women would leave her booth with their new head wrap, and new attitude.

They seemed to glow and appear as vibrant as the colorful head wrap they were each wearing! Her unique and beautiful hand crafted head wraps and jewelry are truly very special!!!

Miss NebSa, you are a truly gifted and amazing woman! I am so blessed to have met you. Keep changing the world with your beautiful head wraps, beaded jewelry, and beautiful energy!!!"

Kelvin ~ Member

What a great system to learn successfull proven street vending techniques👍💪.

 I don't think that selling style has ever been addressed in a comprehensive teaching way.

Vendors no longer have to just WING IT !!


Thanks so much Nebsa. !!😘


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