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Instructor: Sylvia NebSa Harmon

Founder and Visionary, Vendor Sales Trainer & Course Creator, Fair Trade Product Curator, Blogger, Vlogger, Speaker, Leader of 'Humanitarian Headwrap-preneur Movement' and Traveling International Market Woman Extraordinaire

How good are you at selling?

Any room for improvement?


  • Do you ever wonder if your vending business will make enough sales?

  • Are you 100% certain that you're saying and doing all the right things?

  • Are your customers so thrilled they say you made their day?

  • Can you pay ALL your monthly bills after just one weekend of vending?

  • Or do you make excuses and blame everything except your lack of training? 



through videos, discussion forums and exciting group conversations.

Together, we chat about lessons and practice saying sales scripts for pitching offers to our customers. 






New members can join anytime, but the beginning of this semester is the best time. 









The Vendor Academy is for you if...


  • You don't have time or money to waste, so you're ready to shorten the learning curve. 


  • You take responsibility for past mistakes, so you're willing to change bad selling habits. 


  • You're tired of being ignored and rejected, so you're eager to get more attention from shoppers.


  • You're passionate and driven to succeed, so you're anxious to learn and accomplish more.

Get secret sales strategies that 99% of vendors don't know anything about.

You can double and even triple your sales overnight without being pushy, or salesy.

It's overly optimistic to expect major success as a pop-up vendor without first learning how.

Would you rather pay through lost sales, or invest in specialized vendor education?


Most pop-up event vendors don't know what their full income potential is.

Month after month, they earn less than half of what they'll probably earn after joining our membership learning community. 

"If you ever get an opportunity to work with Miss NebSa in any capacity, take it. You will not regret it. Miss NebSa is a wizard. She has distilled successful salesmanship into a few choice phrases and gestures that work on just about any clientele and can be used—to a devastating effect—by just about anyone. "

Phil Tyler ~ Student

LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE, in the company of other members.

Come experience our live sales training workshops, discussion forums and an engaging virtual classroom. We learn better together using VoiceThread in our virtual classroom, open 24/7.

Members login anytime for interactive lessons in our virtual classroom. 

They record and listen to each other’s comments directly on the slides.

How much is learning to double or triple your sales worth to you?

Would you spend two hours a week to discuss lessons with other community members in our virtual classroom?

For Non-Members:



It's so sad when pop-up vendors scare away customers without even realizing what they're doing wrong. What they need is a quick fix. Here it is.

These lessons are a summary introduction to the full membership courses. 



For Members Only:



Community learning happens in our Virtual Classroom. Full Members get individualized attention in a group setting through interactive audio-video lessons, discussion forums, workshops on Zoom and mentor support coaching.



Learn how & when to approach shoppers.






Learn how to make a great first impression.

Learn to build trust & rapport.



Learn to Activate the Law of Reciprocity.


Learn function and organization. 

 Learn to draw shoppers inside. 



~ includes ~


3 vendor sales training courses +

3 community learning resources.


Intro Lessons

A series of mini lessons to preview the short & full courses, resources and coaching. 

Short Course

Interactive community learning with Videos &VoiceThread in our virtual classroom.  

Full Course

54 interactive lessons a year plus mentor coaching group for practicing sales skills.


Marketing Mastermind

For Model Members, Moderators & Mentors. Open 24/7/365.

Private Blogs & Forums

Access to exclusive private information for members only.

Mentor Support Group

Heart Healing Headwrap-preneurs learn the Headwrapping business.

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''Things Pop-Up Event Vendors Should NEVER Ever Say or Do."



Weekday Webinars & Workshops for Pop-Up Event Vendors.




Every Month Until Cancelled

$49 monthly with coupon code: HALFPRICE
  • Intro Course: ''Things Pop-Up Event Vendors Should Never Ever Say or Do."
  • Short Course: "Top 10 Selling Mistakes Vendors Make in the First 10 Seconds of Engaging Shoppers'
  • Full Course: 'Master the Art of Vending Redefined' Lessons plus Mentor Support Coaching



  • Members Only Blogs, Forums & Workshops
  • Marketing Mastermind
  • Headwrap-preneur Mentor-Support Group



Every Month Until Cancelled

$124 every 3 months with coupon code: HALFPRICE


  • Intro Course: ''Things Pop-Up Event Vendors Should Never Ever Say or Do."
  • Short Course: "Top 10 Selling Mistakes Vendors Make in the First 10 Seconds of Engaging Shoppers'
  • Full Course: 'Master the Art of Vending Redefined' Lessons plus Mentor Support Coaching



  • Members Only Blogs, Forums & Workshops
  • Marketing Mastermind
  • Headwrap-preneur Mentor-Support Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Always learn at your own pace, however there are some general timelines.

INTRO  COURSE for NON-MEMBERS ~  Is self paced, but can easily be completed in two or three days.

SHORT COURSE for MEMBERS ONLY ~ These twelve topics typically t ake three months to complete. However, members can spend more or less time depending on their self pacing. 

FULL COURSE & COACHING GROUPS for MEMBERS ONLY ~  54 'Topics of the Week' are ongoing throughout the year.  Stay as long as you want, for individualized support in a group setting.  

Our virtual classrooms & discussion forums are open and available 24/7.

Weekday Webinars & Workshops  and coaching sessions are scheduled,

Replay recordings are always available for members to watch at their own convenience.

Group interaction is absolutely not required. We encourage doing it your way.

It's perfectly fine to listen and learn without making any comments.

We are unable to issue refunds, but we offer a 3-day trial for only $1.

You are responsible for canceling yourself when you wish to stop auto payments.

You'll see the self cancel tab in the menu of the member's area. 

Why spend more time hesitating,
when you can start learning and earning more right away?

So what do you think so far? Any comments?

Jenifer Connolly ~ Assistant

NebSa is crazy good at what she does.  I helped her set up and display her products on two little tables on the side walk out side the bank after it closed Saturday afternoons. Week after week for months, I watched NebSa count over $1,000 from only about four hours of vending. 

She sells to anybody she wants to. I'm not exaggerating.  People who look like they're in a big rush to get somewhere, would get caught in NebSa's web, captivated by her style, and buy stuff without knowing what just hit them. 

One day I watched NebSa coach some students who were trying to get donations on the street but were mostly getting bad looks and rejection. NebSa rehearsed them on what to say, and how to use their hands. Then people just started dropping money in their donations basket and seemed really happy to give.

It's incredible how NebSa completely transformed their non-profit in just tjhirty minutes. She really knows what she's doing. We learn rare skills from NebSa.

Micheal Kamau ~ Apprentice

"Hey NebSa, Someone asked me today if your event vending success was due to your personality or the attractive products that you sell. I told them honestly that it was your knowledge about business.

I know other people who sell head wraps. I have worked with a few of them over the years to see how they do what they do.

No one sells the volume of product and has as many satisfied customers as you do. Your head wrap vendor method really works. If you hadn't taught me how to sell, I would have guessed that it was something else.

I know from working with you that your storehouse of knowledge makes all the difference. I learn so much from you. I just wanted to tell you and let you know that there are some curious minds out there."

Ryan Joseph Allen ~ Member

Miss NebSa has always done a great job of guiding, loving and supporting, not just the community as a whole, but vendors.

She helps people understand the ins and outs of getting clientele and customers to feel, comfortable, welcomed and loved. That’s honestly the number one piece for me -- empathy and kindness.

Miss NebSa does that so beautifully, and I’m so excited to be part of this course.

Vending offers fundraising opportunities for our non-profit and mission to do the good work in the world.

This application can be used in so many other avenues in my life, like the dissertation phase of my doctorate degree. The tips and tricks that NebSa helps us learn are of great benefit. 

Meshelle Scovil ~ Member

"I had no idea how much vending would impact my children when I joined Miss NebSa’s coaching group three years ago.  I apply Miss NebSa’s selling methods to my parenting style.

Her turn key system is easy and  builds self esteem and confidence. People praised my kids for being great sales people on their very first day of vending. They made many major sales and now they call themselves entrepreneurs. Headwrap vending is an amazingly family bonding experience."

Alaia Daniel ~ Member

"My membership at The Vendor Academy is definitely worth more than I paid for it!

After two private coaching sessions of practicing sales scripts with Miss NebSa, my average sales shot up six times higher.

I was getting poor results before because I didn't know I was doing it all wrong. I have had zero vendor training and was just winging it and doing the same thing that I did in the retail setting.

I see now that vending is a complete shift from doing this the retail store way. The greetings, set-up/layout and grabbing customers attention. etc."


Nita Chivwara ~ Member

"I just wanted to share how the free lesson has been so helpful. I am glad I decided to try out the virtual classroom. It is really great how Miss NebSa is able to unpack what gets shoppers engaged. She also clarifies what is likely to push shoppers away. Before, I joined the lesson, I didn't know there could be a course out there that was dedicated to vendor and shopper interaction.

I really love the community aspect, and sharing about my African experience brings value the Academy's Virtual Classroom and Global  Q & A Discussion Forum.  It's so fun to chat about the African business scene to people who have never seen how different vendor markets are over here."


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