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An assortment of fair trade hand woven short and sheer hair scarves plus 3 sizes of headbands.

PACK CONTENTS FOR MEMBERS (Including 25% Free Bonus Products)


  • Small Size Headbands       @$66 doz plus 25% bonus products ($4.40 each)   - Suggested Retail $10 - $12 each
  • Medium Size Headbands  @$66 doz plus 25% bonus products ($4.40 each)   - Suggested Retail $10 - $12 each
  • Large Size Headbands       @$66 doz plus 25% bonus products ($4.40 each)   - Suggested Retail $10 - $12 each
  • Sheer Headwrap Scarves  @$96 doz plus 25% bonus products ($6.40 each)   - Suggested Retail $15 - $20 each
  • Short Headwrap Scarves   @$96 doz. plus 25% bonus products ($6.40 each)   - Suggested Retail $15 - $20 each

PACK CONTENTS FOR NON-MEMBERS (does not include any free bonus products)


  • Small Size Headbands       @ $66 doz wholesale ($5.50 each)   - Suggested Retail $12 each
  • Medium Size Headbands  @ $66 doz wholesale ($5.50 each)   - Suggested Retail $12 each
  • Large Size Headbands       @ $66 doz wholesale ($5.50 each)   - Suggested Retail $12 each
  • Sheer Headwrap Scarves  @ 96 doz wholesale ($8.00 each)     - Suggested Retail $20 each
  • Short Headwrap Scarves   @ $96 doz wholesale ($8.00 each)   - Suggested Retail $20 each


  • Fair Trade Hand Made by Village Artisans
  • Expertly Hand Woven with Intricate Detail
  • 100% Cotton Threads, Stretchy Elastic Band, Non-Slip Fabric
  • Lightweight Material, Breathable, Open Net Weave
  • Hand Wash, No Soaking, Mild Soap, Air Dry


 These natural cotton headbands are expertly woven by hand,  one thread at a time by Village Artisans. They are expandable enough to make full cover caps when spread fully open and tucked into the elastic band in the back. 

Surprisingly, this gauze-like woven texture securely grips when active all day, or sleeping at night. They are designed to stay in place with the elastic band stretching only in the back, so the front doesn't slide.

Worn loosely, there is no need for tight squeezes or pins to keep them from slipping.

The open net weave has gaps between the threads allowing air to ventilate through.

They're first choice for exercise and outdoor fun in the sun because light cotton soaks up sweat, and protects from scalp burn without overheating.

  • SMALL is for youth and small adults
  • MEDIUM for average sized adults.
  • LARGE for larger adults

 *See washing instructions here below


MEASUREMENTS: 12" wide and 4.5 feet long.  

These Short Four Season Scarves are thick enough to break a cold wind keeping ears and neck warm in the winter. They are also light enough for Summer head wraps to keep hair off the neck and sun off the scalp.

The 100% cotton threads are expertly hand woven for a unique texture that securely grips to silky soft hair without slipping even when sleeping or tied loosely. 

They make wonderful decorative accent pieces or half wraps that show hair. They aren't wide enough to fully cover adult heads. Short scarves are also used for tying  ear warmers, bandannas, neck ties, and halter tube tops.

Check out our longer and wider sheer headwraps for different full or partial cover, casual and elaborate style options. 

 *See washing instructions here below


MEASUREMENTS: 17" wide and 5.5 feet long.

These 100% cotton scarves are expertly woven by hand for a unique texture that securely grips to the most silky soft hair without slipping, even when sleeping or tied loosely.

The sheer see through open-net weave is very lightweight and comfortable to wear because it allows air to pass through. 

A good choice for protective styling to maintain moisture.

They can be worn as neck scarves and even full cover head wraps on warm days. Various uses include Neck Scarves, Shawls, Head Wraps, Hair Scarves, Turbans, Waist Sashes, Shawls, Head Ties and Bandanna Head Covers. 

Check out our more thick and narrow short headwraps for casual and elaborate style options.

 *See washing instructions here below

The pack you receive will be very similar, but not exactly the same as those pictured here. 
The color themes included in each pack are Earthtone, Rainbow, Reggae, Bright, Multi-Colored, Jewel Tones and Solid Colors.
The patterns and color combinations may vary accordingly to the whim of the artisans who made them.
Your customers will be impressed by the quality and intricate detail. 

Hand made items are best dry cleaned, or hand wished with mild soap, like shampoo. 

Never soak or use harsh soaps. 

Machine washing and drying causes damage, color loss, shrinkage and color bleeding.

Briefly rinsing off the extra dye in a solution of four parts coid water to one part salt or vinegar will help fix colors permanently. 

Hang to air dry. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Once you place an order, we pay a percentage of your purchase as a  sales commission to the person who referred you to this website. 

They deserve to be paid, so it's difficult to reverse the process.

That is why all sales are final:

  • No Exchanges 
  • No Returns
  • No Refunds. 

WHEN YOU BUY 3 DOZEN ~ WE GIVE YOU 1 DOZEN FREE to give away to somebody who is suffering from loneliness, serious hair loss or health challenges. 

This is a special program for members who join our group for BECOME A HEADWRAP-PRENEUR. 

They all sign an agreement not to keep or sell the additional headcovers they receive free to give-away.

We also ask for photos or videos of the people they give head wraps to. 


Your cell number will only be used to communicate about your order.

We will text you the tracking number and expected arrival date of your order.


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When you order one pack after another all on the same day, we will delivery them all together, to keep shipping costs as low as possible.

Visit our retail store. www.Amazon.com/shop/headwrapping

When you buy 3 ~ We give 1 free. 

You are automatically given a free guest membership when you order. 

So, what are your thoughts about distributing Heart Healing Headcovers?

Do you think it's important to help reduce poverty amongst Village Artisans?


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25% FREE BONUS PRODUCTS FOR MEMBERS so they can more than double their money when offering free products to customers. 

 "Buy 3, Get the 4th Free". 


$36 = Revenue from selling 3 headbands  + 1 Free 

$17.60 = Cost 4 headbands 

$18.40 = Profit from buy 3 get 4th free 


$60 = Revenue from selling 3 headwraps + 1 free. 

$25.60 = Cost of 4 headwraps 

$34.40 = Profit from buy 3 get 4th free. 


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